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Spaceki Designs and Npowerinc are subsidiaries of  NR Group.  

Spaceki specializes in design & build projects. 

Construction Site

Spaceki Designs is proud to be a subsidiary of Npower Inc., a trusted industry leader. As a part of this esteemed entity, we specialize in providing comprehensive design and build services for commercial interiors, buildings, and industrial projects. Our commitment to excellence and a vision for innovation are in perfect harmony with the values upheld by Npowerinc.

Our Expertise

Commercial Interiors:
Elevate your business space with our tailored commercial interior solutions. From offices to retail outlets and hospitality venues, we craft designs that not only reflect your brand identity but also optimize functionality and aesthetics for a productive work environment.

Architectural Excellence:
Our architectural services encompass a wide spectrum of projects, including building design, renovation, and expansion. Whether it's a new structure or revamping an existing one, we ensure that each design aligns with your objectives, complying with industry standards and regulations.

Industrial Spaces:
Spaceki Designs specializes in designing and building industrial facilities that meet the unique requirements of diverse industries. We understand the significance of an efficient and well-organized industrial space, and our team works to optimize layouts and functionality to enhance productivity and safety.

Our Approach

Client-Centric Design:

We believe in understanding your vision and goals. Our process begins with extensive consultations to comprehend your specific needs and aspirations, enabling us to tailor designs that align perfectly with your expectations.

Innovative Design Concepts: Our creative team blends innovation with practicality, presenting you with unique design concepts that resonate with your brand, culture, and purpose. We strive to create spaces that leave a lasting impression on visitors and occupants alike.

Seamless Execution:

From design approval to project completion, we meticulously manage every aspect of the construction process. Our expert project managers and skilled workforce ensure timely delivery and adherence to quality standards, leaving no room for compromises.

Quality Assurance:

At Spaceki Designs, quality is non-negotiable. We employ top-notch materials, advanced techniques, and skilled craftsmen to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations in terms of durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Collaborate with Spaceki Designs, a subsidiary of Npower Inc., to redefine your spaces and achieve remarkable outcomes. Let us partner with you to bring your visions to life and create spaces that resonate with your purpose and aspirations.


Contact us today and embark on a transformative journey of design and construction excellence! Visit for more information about  our group companies.

Our Clients

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