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What We Provide

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Strategic Advisory Services

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Strategic Advisory Services

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1. The Strategic advisory Group provides a wide range of real estate consulting services to developers, investors, advisors and lenders seeking assistance with existing assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects and properties slated for this

- Feasibility reports on projects
- Investment advice
- Market research and analysis, demand forecasting
- Financial planning project structuring exercises

2. Real estate and economic consulting services to public-sector and non-profit organizations including local, state and central government entities; foundations; education institutions:
- Optimum utilization of assets
- Optimal development strategies, highest and best use studies
- Economic development and redevelopment studies
- Asset and revenue maximization

​3. Strategic Advisory services to corporations seeking to optimize corporate real estate holdings:
- Strategic real estate planning
- Optimization and re-engineering strategies
- Expansion and occupancy strategies
- Location and entry strategies

Area of Interests: 
1. Core Infrastructure - Airport, Real Estate, Transit Oriented Developments, Industrial Parks, Special Economic Zones, City Centers.

2. Townships - New City Developments, Integrated Townships, Residential Townships.

3. Retail and Entertainment - Shopping Malls, Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers, Cinema Halls, Multiplexes, Golf Courses

4. Leisure and Hospitality - Hotels, Conference Centers, Condo Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Resorts, and Health Spas.

5. Information Technology - Knowledge Parks, IT Parks, Science Parks, Biotech Parks

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