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Asset and Property Valuation

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Asset and Property Valuation


​Equity and Debt Placement in income-generating real estate assets that are transacted on a yield basis, including securitization and sale & leasebacks.

Areas of Interest
1. Private Sector: Indian and Multinational Corporates, Banks, Investors, Developers, Land Owners

2. Services: Appraisal and valuation of properties for transaction / mortgage/ insurance purposes, acquisitions, disposal, investments, portfolio monitoring, debt/equity funding, securitization, mergers / take-overs, statutory requirements etc.

3. Government Sector: Central Government, State governments, Municipal Bodies, Development Agencies, Embassies

4. Services: Valuations for land acquisition, project financing, disposal, joint venture structuring, optimal utilization, asset maximization etc

5. Privatization Exercises includes representation of both buyers and sellers in the strategic sale of state owned enterprises.

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